The Grid Is Evolving. So Are We.

Severe weather is a primary driver of power outages. According to a recent report by the Department of Energy, weather-related outages alone have cost the country between $18 and $32 billion a year on average since 2003.

According to economists in Texas, the recent winter storm that hit that state could end up costing as much as $200 billion — more than Hurricanes Harvey and Ike.

Wildfires out west also create havoc to electric distribution systems. Power cuts during California’s wildfire season in 2019 are estimated to have cost the state as much as $2 billion.

These are just some of the many examples. And, by 2040, electricity demand is going to double. So, what’s the solution?

3 Major Forces Driving Power Grid Evolution


Shift to Prosumers & Microgrids


Climate Change Initiatives & Renewables


AI, Automation & Electrification, Communications

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